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How To Get More Results Out of Your Business

Episode Summary

How To Get More Results Out of Your Business. Real Estate Coach Dan Rochon talks with Joshua Smith (GSD Mode Podcast Host, Realtor, Coach, Entrepreneur) about getting more results in your business. Learn to achieve more results in your business! The reality is, your Real Estate business is a vehicle that allows you to create the life that you want to live. It's essential to gain clarity on your purpose and values when starting your business.

Episode Notes

Show Nuggets:

Be Committed

If you’re committed, you’re going to crash in everything you do.

You Get Used to the Grind

Our work ethic defines who we are. Figure out your schedule thinking time. 

Take Time to Reflect on Each of Everyday

Start paying attention to your day. If we spend time on reflection, we could see opportunities in different manners.

Make the Time and Focus

Everything takes time. 


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